Our Story

We love matcha. Pure and simple. This is how we got here. 

Xavier discovered the powerful health benefits of matcha while serving as a U.S. Marine in Okinawa, Japan. While stationed there he fell in love with and immersed himself in the Japanese culture learning the language, customs, and traditions. 

Mike is a fellow Marine who served in combat and has always looked for ways to keep internal balance. Xavier introduced Mike to matcha as a means to help with his pursuit of health and he quickly became a champion of matcha encouraging friends, veterans, and family to consume it. 

After discovering the growing interest people have for matcha they decided to turn their passion in to a business. As Marines, they have high standards in everything they do and have leveraged their experience and resourcefulness to commit to providing the highest quality matcha in the world to it's customers. 

Yosa is Japanese for great quality and goodness. It goes well with the expectation of high standards these Marines have in the matcha and service they provide.