Which is better, hot or cold matcha?

The Benefits of Hot and Cold Matcha Drinks

Which do you prefer a hot matcha latte or a cold matcha latte? When you have a hot matcha latte or other hot drinks the steam hot water delivers a more powerful flavor than cold drinks. Hot drinks are also been proven to stimulate the circulation of blood which means hot drinks are better for your metabolism by raising the body temperature causing sweating. Sweat expels toxins and can help with your skin’s beauty.

On the other hand, cold drinks tastes lighter and they make you feel refreshed. Also, the intestines can absorb cold drinks faster than hot drinks. So, when you need to hydrate cold drinks are actually better.

cold matcha


Three Cups of Tea for a Samurai Warrior

By the way, here is an old Japanese story which shows why hot tea is more tasty. In the late 16th century, the famous Japanese Samurai Warrior Hideyoshi also known as "the great unifier", stopped by a temple after hunting in mountain on a hot and humid summer day and asked for a tea to relieve his thirst. A boy who worked in the temple served him a cup of lukewarm tea so Hideyoshi might drink it smoothly. After downing it quickly, Hideyoshi asked for another cup of tea and the boy served him a warmer tea. While drinking the second tea, Hideyoshi was intrigued by the boy and asked for another cup of tea again, this time the boy served the tea hot so that Hideyoshi could enjoy the aroma of the tea. Moral of the story, since the early times, it’s been known that hot tea is more tasty than cold tea.

samurai likes hot matcha


Our Recommendation

We recommend you enjoy matcha whichever way suits your taste buds, however, for the reasons mentioned above, matcha that’s served hot proves to have more benefits if that’s what you’re looking for.  Either way, drink as matcha as possible.

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