Is matcha actually good for you?

In the past, matcha was categorized just as another type of green tea. Nowadays, matcha is recognized as matcha. I mean matcha has become its own new category independent of regular green tea.  Look around at any of your local coffee and tea shops and you will find a matcha latte, but what makes matcha so popular and is it actually good for you?  We wanted to thoroughly answer this question for you.  Here are the biggest health beneficial factors that matcha has been studied and proven to provide.



Antioxidative action

Antimutagenic action

Enzyme inhibitory action

Antihyperglycemic action

Antihypertensive action

Antibacterial action

Antiviral action

Halitosis prevention

Antitumor action

Antihypercholesterolemic action

Fat reducing action

Antiulcer action

Bowel modulating action

Anticarious action.

Antiallergic action

Antidementia action


Recovery from fatigue/ Boost metabolism/ Alertness aid/ Antidementia action/ Diuretic action


Antihypertensive action/ Antihyperglycemic action/ Relaxing effect/ Sleep promotion/ Heightening concentration/ Enhancement in memory/ Mitigating premenstrual syndrome and menopausa

Vitamin C

Antioxidative action/ Antitumor action/ Cataract prevention/ Boost immune system

Vitamin B

Antioxidative action

y-aminobutyric acid

Antihypertensive action


Antioxidative action/Antitumor action/ Heart disease prevention/ Halitosis prevention


Antihyperglycemic action


Anticarious action

Vitamin E

Antioxidative action/ Antitumor action/ Aging prevention/ Antidiabetic action/ Cataract prevention/  Boost immune system


Antibacterial action/ Antihypertensive action/ Improving blood circulation/ Anti-allergic action


Antihyperglycemic action/ Antitumor action/ Bowel modulating action/ Heart disease prevention/ Diabetes prevention/ Improving liver function


Odor eliminating/ Antitumor action/ Boost metabolism


Aging control/ Beautiful skin effect


Antioxidative action/ Antitumor action/ Boost immune system


Antioxidative action/ Aging control/ Fat reducing action


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